New to leasing? The below guide has been created to provide you with the most comprehensive information you need to get on the road.

Why include a maintenance package?

A maintenance package will give you complete peace of mind when leasing a vehicle. For a low and fixed monthly cost a maintenance package covers you from unexpected misfortune.

We have broken down the benefits of taking out a maintenance package, followed by what our maintenance package includes. As always if you have any questions our friendly advisors are available on 0118 983 8020

What are the benefits of a maintenance package?

A maintenance package can be a highly cost efficient way to maintain your vehicle and it also offers added peace of mind by knowing there wil be no surprise bills.

It also has the folowing benefits:


 Low and fixed monthly cost

Maintenance agreements are available at a low fixed cost which will not change during the course of your contract. Hassle-free and cost effective.

No Unexpected Bills

No unexpected maintenance bills

A maintenance agreement will cover you from any unexpected issues ensuring that you are not left out of pocket.


VAT benefits for your business

VAT is 100% recoverable on the monthly maintenance cost of a business lease.

Approved Garages

Approved and accredited garages

Your vehicle will be serviced by accredited garages using approved technicans and genuine parts.