New to leasing? The below guide has been created to provide you with the most comprehensive information you need to get on the road.

What is car leasing?

Car leasing is in essence a long-term vehicle rental agreement, suitable for any business or private indivuidal. The products’ flexibility makes it an ever popular choice, increasingly with private indivuidals as more become aware of the many benefits leasing offers.

What are the benefits of leasing a car?

You may already be aware that due to depreciation car leasing offers one of the most cost effective ways to drive a brand new car. There are several other benefits too that you may not have considered. See a brief of these below:


Fixed monthly payments

Many businesses and private indivudals enjoy the flexbility that monthly payments offers. Monthly payments are also fixed and usually lower than repayments on a car loan.


Low initial payment

In the majority of lease deals the inital payment figure is low, and a lot lower than other methods. The inital payment is normally equivalent to either three, six, or nine monthly rentals and only paid at the start of your contract.


Drive a new car regularly

Just like your mobile phone contract, car leasing allows you to simply hand back the keys at the end and lease again. This enables you to drive a brand new car regularly, benefiting from the latest automotive advancements and an ever improving specification.


Avoid the cost of depreciation

Leasing a vehicle allows you to avoid the burden of depreciation. If you were to buy a car outright you would be taking on the risk, in most cases losing more than the total cost of a car lease.


Full manufacturers warranty

All car lease deals come with a full manufacturers warranty. This is (more often than not) enough to cover the full term of your lease, allowing you to benefit from added peace of mind.