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Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion Concept Reveal

6th Mar 2018
By Daniel Jones


Volkswagen have unveiled the latest member in their I.D. concept family, with the VW Vizzion Concept, a remarkable all-electric saloon.

VW generated a lot of interest after releasing initial sketches of their latest I.D. concept prior to the Geneva Motor Show. With revolutionary looks, cutting edge artificial intelligence and self-driving capability the Vizzion concept was one of the most eagerly awaited reveals. Full details of the concept and specifications have now been revealed at the Geneva Motor Show.

The exterior takes a lot of the same design language from previous I.D. concepts, with a futurist design. Headlights span the width of the face, with smaller lights featuring along the side of the vehicle, with the tailight surrounding the rear. A translucent window design and sweeping roofline for a sleek and cutting edge design, sure to convey the eco-friendly nature of the vehicle.



The interior of the vehicle is arguably where most of the innovation features, showcasing Volkswagen’s perception of a luxury saloon in 2030. Doors open via the use of biometrics, with the Vizzion identifying occupants and adjusting settings accordingly. This includes preferences seat positions, lighting, climate controls and even the vehicles scent.

Most notable however, is the lack of any steering wheel as the concept is fully autonomous. Dashboard controls are also void, with almost all interaction controlled by voice commands to a “digital chauffeur” and hand gestures. No infotainment screens feature either, with Volkswagen instead anticipating holographic screens that will stream tailored content, like the next episode of your favourite Netflix series.



As all other members in the Volkswagen I.D. family, the Vizzion utilises a fully electric drivetrain. The concept is powered by two electric motors, with the front outputting 101bhp and the rear 201bhp resulting in an all-wheel-drive saloon. Though only theoretical the Vizzion concept would have a 0-60mph time of 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 112mph.

The electric motors are powered by a sizeable 111kWh lithium ion battery, featuring under the vehicles flat floor. The battery provides a highly impressive 413 miles of range in the European testing cycle. Originally, it was not expected that the Vizzion would result in a production version, however the company announced plans for traditional manual controlled variant by 2022.



The next four years for Volkswagen and their I.D. family look to be highly intriguing. For all the other news from the Geneva Motor Show, take a look at our complete guide. If you are looking to lease a Volkswagen, view our offers. With over 36 years of experience, we are one of the most established brokers in the industry


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