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Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept

31st Oct 2017
By Daniel Jones


Toyota have had a bold showing at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, however the most unique concept is Toyota's van-based SUV - TJ Cruiser.

The Toyota TJ Cruiser blends the size and practicality of a van with rugged SUV looks and composition. This is a distinct new vehicle that Toyota say is aimed at ‘drivers with active lifestyles’. The manufacturer’s press release goes on to say that it is vehicle ‘designed for drivers with lifestyles where work and play dovetail seamlessly’.


The boxy design of the vehicle is similar to that of a van, with a rugged looking body and large SUV-sized tyres. It is clearly a vehicle that offers great utility and sizeable prominence. Toyota say that the TJ Cruiser ‘symbolises a new genre incorporating the strengths of a van with those of an SUV.’

The manufacturer explained the name of the model, stating that the “T” stands for “Toolbox” in reference to the usability of the vehicle, whilst the “J” stands for “Joy” - conveying the joy of travelling to various places in the vehicle.


Inside the TJ Cruiser is a highly versatile cabin that offers plenty of options for further space. This includes front and rear passenger seats that can be reclined for storing large and long items such as surfboards. There are several points on the back of the seats to make it easy to tie-down any items that are stored.

Whilst the model is not yet expected to be produced, Toyota is hopeful that if there is enough demand this is a vehicle that could be available commercially. Built on the Prius Hybrid system, the Japanese manufacturer look to have made the concept so that it could relatively easily be made into a part of their line up going forward.

Tokyo Motor Show

The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show featured several new concepts and announcements. See our complete guide. Alternatively if you are looking to drive a brand new Toyota, we offer brilliant deals available on business or personal lease.


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