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Toyota Supra Race Car Preview

13th Feb 2018
By Daniel Jones


Toyota have released the first teaser image, confirming the debut of the Toyota Supra Race Car at this years Geneva Motor Show.

Toyota are poised to steal the Geneva Motor Show, releasing a preview image of a racing concept version of the all-new Supra. In addition to releasing the teaser image showing the first glimpses of the new concept, Toyota have stated that the debuant will “signal Toyota’s commitment to bring back to the market its most iconic sports car.”

Whilst there is no official confirmation this is the Supra, it is expected this new flagship vehicle will receive the iconic naming, with the image entitled “The Legend Returns”. The new concept is expected to retain the same body shape and similar styling to the Toyota FT-1 Concept, originally shown back in 2014. This is also the the anticipation for the final production version.


The new sports car has been developed jointly with BMW and Gazoo Racing (sports division of Toyota). It has been unofficially confirmed that the latest model will actually feature the Gazoo Racing badge over the more traditional Toyota branding.

When speaking about the revival of the beloved model, Tomoyama (head of Gazoo Racing) was quoted saying “The new car has to appeal to the existing owners first. The old cars had a straight-six engine, twin turbos and rear-wheel drive; the new car must have the same philosophy”.

Rumours suggest that the new model will offer four variants with performance ascending through the line up. These variants are expected to be the Supra, Supra GR, Supra GR Sport and Supra GRMN. There is also expected to be a range of tuning and styling parts available. It is also possible that the new model will include hybrid technology inspired from the Le Mans race cars produced by Toyota and Gazoo.


Expect a full article when the concept is revealed at the Geneva Motor Show. To keep up to date with all the latest news from the show floor, take a look at our complete guide. If you are looking to lease a Toyota, take a look at our offers. With over 36 years of leasing experience, we are one of the most established brokers in the industry. Our consultants offer a flexible and consultative approach, focusing on providing a world class service over our own profits.


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