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Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride Concept

31st Oct 2017
By Daniel Jones


Toyota have introduced several concepts at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, now including the Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride with fuel cell technology. 

The Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride is a concept vehicle that is forward thinking in numerous ways. Perhaps most impressive is the fuel cell technology that converts the combination of oxygen and hydrogen to electricity that powers each of the four in-wheel motors. The manufacturer says that the concept offers ‘excellent environmental performance by discharging no CO2 or substances of concern while in operation’. 


By placing the motors in the wheels of the vehicle, Toyota have managed to create a more spacious and refined cabin. Toyota say that they are “achieving high running stability and quietness suited to a premium saloon”. As for the exterior, it is a sharp looking concept with diamond-shaped features that look handsome and forward thinking.


Inside the innovative design and technology continues, with wide touch screen panels and holographic technology. Seating is also experimental with the use of a lounge style sofa and rotatable chairs. The steering wheel is retractable with autonomous driving also set to be a feature of the Fine-Ride Comfort.

The Fine-Ride Comfort is a forward thinking vision in style, technology, engineering and more. Toyota have produced a video that fully shows off the concept in all its glory that we have for you below:

Tokyo Motor Show

The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show featured many exciting concepts like the Fine-Ride Comfort. See our complete guide. If you are looking for a modern day Toyota, take a look at our competitive lease deals.


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