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Toyota Concept-i Series

30th Oct 2017
By Daniel Jones


Toyota showcase Concept-i Series, featuring advanced AI called 'Yuri'. Toyota plans road tests tests of tech for around 2020.

Tokyo Motor Show 2017 was an event that featured the cutting edge of technology in futuristic looking vehicles. Nothing summarises this quite like Toyota’s series of Concept-i vehicles - with looks out of a science-fiction film and highly advanced artifical intelligence. The manufacturer released some exciting information about the innovative features at the show, with road tests expected by the end of the decade.


New to the Concept-i Series - the Concept-i RIDE is a two-seater that made its debut at Tokyo Motor Show. This smaller model is made for mobility with easy access for all including wheelchair users. Gull-wing doors, sliding and well laid-out seating options alongside autonomous operation ‘make it possible for anyone to drive safely and securely’.


Both concepts feature the advanced artifical intelligence technology that sets these apart from other concepts on show. Toyota annonced that an AI called Yuri will be featured which will use sensor systems to determine the drivers alertness and mood. Whilst the processing of this information is run in-car, the profile that is created from this will be stored in cloud thus enabling drivers to have the same experience across other vehicles.

Yuri is then said to provide support to the driver by ‘stimulating the sense, including sight, touch and smell, according to the driver’s mood, and levels of alertness and fatigue. This can help drivers feel more relaxed and combat drowsiness.’ Toyota are looking to road test some of the concept car’s function around 2020, however it is likely this will be in a different concept vehicle by the time this rolls around.

Tokyo Motor Show

The Tokyo Motor Show featured many manufacturers with plentiful announcements. For full coverage check out our complete guide. If you are looking to drive a brand new Toyota, leasing provides a highly cost effective option.


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