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Throwback Thursday: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro

9th Aug 2018
By Daniel Jones

Throwback to the original 1967 Camaro, the first Chevrolet pony car, that initiated a muscle car war with the Mustang for following decades.

When the Ford Mustang was launched in 1964 it caught the eyes of many, including Chevrolet. It was not long after this in 1965 that Chevrolet decided to start work on a pony car of their own, with an internal name of Panther, that would go on to become the first Chevy Camaro. When asked what the unique Camaro name meant, a representative of the brand famously stated “a small vicious animal that eats Mustangs”. 


The first Camaro is one of the most iconic American vehicles and classic muscle vehicles around. With a V8 engine that would output 375 horsepower and 415 lb-ft of torque, the Camaro was a powerful beast from its inception. The aggressive styling is also sublime with the long bonnet, flat grille, wide body. If you don’t believe us, take a look at this incredible first Chevy Camaro advert:


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