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Seat Leon Cristobal

15th Nov 2017
By Daniel Jones


SEAT preview the future of car safety with the SEAT Leon Cristobal, showcased at The Smart City Expo in Barcelona, featuring plenty of tech.

The SEAT Leon Cristobal is a unique model featuring plenty of technology all with the intent to ensure safe mobility. The manufacturer says that this is the safest car in the brands history, and it is clear to see why. See a full break down of all the safety features here:



The SEAT Leon Cristobal features a built-in breathalyser that will test the amount of alcohol that is in the drivers system. If this is above a set limit, then the vehicle will not start. Several options will be made available to the driver including calling for a taxi, taking the test again or - if the driver is not the owner of the vehicle - requesting permission from a ‘master user’.

Guardian Angel:


The SEAT Leon Cristobal also plays host to 15 active and passive safety systems including road sign recognition, automatic lights, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control. These all come under a ‘Guardian Angel’ system that by default has all settings on their most conservative options, though all or individual switches can be toggled at the owners discretion.



The owner of the SEAT Leon Cristobal also have several other features available for them to monitor their vehicle. This is particularly useful in the scenario their children are driving the vehicle - so that they can set limits for distance and speed. If they are going outside of the set limits, than a notification will be sent to the owners phone so that they can send warnings to the driver about speed and location.



Rather than a traditional rear mirror the SEAT Leon Cristobal features a display-mirror. A rear-facing camera is used instead of a mirror to ensure a clearer image and eliminate the concerns caused by blind spots.


The Leon Cristobal also features a voice assistant that will offer safety warnings tailored to the owner of the vehicle. There is also a black box in the event of an accident that sends media to a selected smartphone. SEAT claim that if more than half of the vehicles on the road accidents could be reduced by 40%. 

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