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Mitsubishi Electric Emirai 4 Preview

24th Oct 2017
By Daniel Jones


Mitsubishi Electric, a seperate entity to the popular Mitsubishi Motors have unveiled the Emirari 4 a concept car with next-gen driving technology.

The Emirai 4 will be demonstrated for the first time this week at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show with plenty of advanced and innovative technology expected to be on display. These advanced systems are likely to be sold to manufacturers and available in road cars in the coming years, which makes the news both exciting and well worth looking at.

Driving-assistance technology


The Emirai 4 has several features developed that are highly advanced in their innovation. When building the concept vehicle Mitsubishi Electric directed their focus on three specific fields they defined as ‘electrification, autonomous driving, and connected’. Here are just some of the features that press and public will be able to experience at Tokyo:

  • Heads-up display with augmented reality: augmented reality, using high-accuracy locator combined with high-accuracy 3D mapping and positioning technology, emphasizes road and white lane displayed on heads-up display to guide drivers safely even in bad weather and other low-visibility conditions.
  • Knob-on-display: an intuitive sliding knob enables drivers to operate various functions without taking their eyes off the road. Functions accessible via the sliding knob can be easily amended and consolidated into specified groupings, helping to simplify the center interior.
  • Crossed images display: a half mirror with diagonal LCD panel and vertical virtual image from another LCD panel provide clear 3D images of the environment around the vehicle and easy-to-see alerts in the form of vertical images.

For full coverage of the Tokyo Motor Show including articles on the Emirai 4 and Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept, take a look at our complete guide.


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