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Mitsubishi E-Evolution Concept Preview

24th Oct 2017
By Daniel Jones


As a part of our coverage of the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, we take a look at the Mitsubishi E-Evolution Concept just before its grand reveal. 

This electric SUV-Coupe crossover is expected to be the headliner for Japanese brand Mitsubishi, with anticipation for the vehicle at all time high. Several teaser images of the model have now been released along with further information on the cars advanced technology.

Technical Specs

New announcements state that the concept is an all-new, all-electric vehicle that will use high power and performance electric motors, delivered via a high-capacity battery. A triple-motor four-wheel drive system has also been implemented, whereby one of the motors drives the front and one drives each individual rear wheel.

The concept uses Mitsubishi’s Active Yaw Control and torque-vectoring alongside a new artificial intelligence. The AI is said to ‘build a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle’s occupants and delivers a connected motor experience’. All of this is to say, that the vehicle will learn how the user drivers, how many passengers are inside the vehicle and react accordingly. It is also expected to control things like climate control and headlights.

Return of the Evolution


Concept cars are a great signal of the direction that a manufacturer is likely to go with their future design language and branding. With the return of the Evolution branding, it is looking likely that we will see Evolution logo making a desirable return to the roads, likely on a SUV.

From the teaser images we can also see that there are plenty of sharp and striking design cues. The front of the car shows off the new looks best with cutting edge, sweeping lines and modern headlights. When looking at the side on teaser we get a better idea of the sweeping roof line and aerodynamic features of the concept vehicle, with more sleek line work down the body.


Expect for a full reveal on the 25th October, with Mitsubishi showing the car to the press and public for the first time at Tokyo Motor Show. Be sure to check back for a full article on the unveiling of this thrilling new concept from Mitsubishi.


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