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Frankfurt Motor Show Highlights (Part 2)

13th Sep 2017
By Daniel Jones

Yesterday was the first of two press days at IAA, more commonly known as Frankfurt Motor Show. Plenty of exciting news was on offer at day two.

Part 1 highlighted plenty with a new rear-wheel Audi R8, the latest Bentley Continental GT refresh and a new record set by Bugatti. Part 2 details a new, top of the line Land Rover and BMW introduces a electrifying new concept.


Land Rover


The Discovery SVX has been revealed at Frankfurt as one of the top of the line Land Rovers capable of extreme off-roading. This new model will come with a 5.0 litre superchargedV8 engine, producing 518bhp and incredible amounts of torque. Off-road optimisation does not stop there with several chassis changes such an active anti-roll bar made to improve traction on more difficult surfaces.

Refinement does not stop there however, with the Discovery SVX also benefiting from 815mm all-terrain tyres with a open tread pattern designed to find grip through tough mud. This coupled with improved ride height, dampers and new suspension knuckles all makes for a very capable prospect that we look forward to driving in the first half of 2018.



Day one of Frankfurt Motor Show offered many new vehicles sure to turn heads but none achieved this quite like the i Vision Dynamics. BMW revealed this all-electric concept vehicle to much fanfare with many already anticipating this to compete with the acclaimed Tesla Model S. The design and dimensions makes the concept vehicle look like an attractive and futuristic 4 Series Gran coupe.

The new concept does not just impress on looks with a range of 373 miles, top speed of 120 miles per hour and 0-62mph in a mere 4 seconds. Whilst there is little more information than this available from BMW, it is expected that the i Vision Dynamics will turn into a production vehicle launching to market in 2021.  


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