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Driving Offences you may not have known were illegal

9th Oct 2019
By Clarke


Millions of drivers in the UK and many are unaware they could be breaking the law!

Flashing your lights to give way

Many of us will use this to let other drivers out in gaps etc, but this technically could be considered a driving offence if an accident comes from it. Headlight flashes should only be used to warn drivers of your presence.

Using the horn between 11.30pm and 7am in a built-up area

It seems like taxi drivers do it all the time beeping the horn late at night. But in fact, it is illegal. This even includes a short beep when waving to someone you know. It’s unlikely the police would charge you if caught, but it’s still a driving offence.

Letting animals out of the car while broken down on the hard shoulder

The Highway Code states that you must keep any animals in a broken-down vehicle when on the shoulder. Only in an emergency should they be let out, and if an accident happens you could find yourself in trouble and with a fine.

fines  fines

Flashing your headlights at a motorist to warn them and others about a speed trap

You may think that you are helping other drives but some refer to it as ‘vigilante justice’ while others are just trying to warn drivers who are unaware, but the police can fine you quite heavily. A minimum fine for this offence is £30 but you can be fined up to £1,000 for being caught obstructing an officer’s duty.

Allowing dirt to obscure your number plate

This can land you a fine of £100. The maximum penalty for this offence is £1,000 and it can even make you fail your MOT.

Paying for food using your phone at a drive-through

Is an offence under the new mobile phone driving laws. With the increase in popularity of Apple Pay and Android Auto many drivers may opt to pay for their meals with these services. But by doing this can slap you a fine of £200 and up to six penalty points. This fine can be increased up to £1,000 if your case goes to court.

fines  fines

Failing to declare medical conditions

Including DHD, caesarean section and vertigo can cost you up to £1,000 in fines.

Splashing pedestrians with puddles

Can cause three penalty points on your licence. It’s inconsiderate and unnecessary and is deemed as ‘driving without due car or consideration.’ The fine for this can be between £100 up to £5,000 if your case goes to court.

Swearing or giving rude gestures to other road users

Has the potential for a fine of 75 per cent of weekly income. This offence falls into the ‘disorderly behaviour’ category.

Insensible footwear

While it’s not ‘illegal’ to be driving in flip flops specifically, there is a catch. If a motorist is driving in unsuitable footwear then this is putting themselves, their passengers and other road users at risk, which faces penalty points or a fine as a result. Some other footwear considered unsuitable includes Ugg boots, slides and Wellington boots, as they don’t offer suitable grip and are known for slipping off the pedals.

fines  fines


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