The Boss Of All Ford Mustangs

Ford have decided to take on the BMW M3, and to do so they really have gone all out. they have made a modern version of the famous 1969 Boss Mustang 302, the American firm have also claimed that the car is capable of doing a lap at Laguna Seca race track a whole second quicker than the BMW.

The new car will defiantly turn more heads than the BMW M3 do. The exterior is finished with the trademark bright orange paint and black decals, just like the original Boss, it also has a subtle bootlid spoiler and a much more aggressive nose to.

On the inside there’s a lot less kit, you don’t even get sat-nav as an option, but you do get an Alcantara steering wheel, retro gearstick and Boos 302 badges on the seats and dash. There were some materials in the vehicle like door trims are scratchy, and some parts of the car’s interior look worn. So the Boss wasn’t up to the same standard as the BMW in terms of kit and build quality.

Where it is most impressive though is when you’re on the move, the engine used is the 5.0 litre V8 Mustang GT, although you get an extra 32bhp which takes you to a total of 438bhp. To help with the extra power there are new quad exhausts, adjustable suspension and larger anti roll bars, it has also been given upgraded Brembo brakes.

The 0-60mph time takes just 4.6 seconds, the Mustang goes hard all the way to 7,500rpm when on the red line. The noise the vehicle produces is incredible, with a bassy roar under the heavy throttle and the burbling exhaust.

If that wasn’t enough, things get enough better when you inset the TracKey into the ignition. This will change over 200 different parameters, making the Boss a hardcore racer. The throttle then becomes extra sensitive, the noise moves up a level and the whole car shakes.

Surprisingly the boss handles well, with independent rear suspension not as one of the upgrades over the standard GT it means that the car can feel unsettled through bumpy corners thanks to the rear axle. It does resist understeer very well though, and with all that power at your feet it’s very easy to slide the backend round.

The steering can sometimes can feel vague at times, but the car is still fun to drive. For all you American fans out there, you will be pleased to know that this is one of Mustang’s finest cars in years. The cost for this amazing machine is around £40,000 making it a total £15,000 cheaper than the BMW M3. In terms of which is best, I would say they are both two cars as good as each other.

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