Subaru reveals Hybrid Tourer Concept

Subaru Hybrid Tourer

Gullwing doors are obviously all the rage this season, as hot on the heels of the beautiful Mercedes SLS, Subaru have released teaser pictures of their new Hybrid Tourer Concept, with full-length doors opening skywards to give unhindered access to both front and rear seats. There are no driveshafts to the rear, so there’s a vast space in the back and, to improve visibility at the front, the dashboard even moves up and down.

Subaru Hybrid Tourer

The reason for no driveshafts becomes clear when you look at the extraordinary powertrain set up. The Subaru incorporates a 2.0-litre direct injection ‘Boxer’ engine providing power to the front, a 10kW electric motor that helps the front wheel drive when needed, driving up hills for example, and a 20kW electric motor that assists the petrol engine and powers the rears for four wheel drive acceleration.

Or for urban driving, the 20kW rear motor can drive the whole car alone for zero emissions. Add stop/start functions, regenerative braking to keep the lithium-ion batteries topped up and Subaru’s Lineatronic variable transmission, you end up with a tourer packed with innovative technology to give you the most appropriate power source when you need it.

The Concept will be on show at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show and its unknown whether the car will make production or not, but you can enjoy a Subaru Legacy Tourer now from just £406.76 per month.

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