No More Analogue For BMW

BMW has said that the analogue dashboard dials are soon to become a thing of the past and that they are currently looking at replacing all the current ones with more up to date, modern LCD screens.

When the 5 Series and 7 Series saloons are next updated, they will most probably introduce totally flat LCD screens where all information will be clearly displayed.  It is also believed that the conventional ‘clock’ design will still be used to begin with which allows the driver to choose their own layout.

Before the final version hits the market, it is expected that several different modes of operation will be included.  This will vary between high performance driving and driving for maximum efficiency.

For the last few years Mercedes-Benz has already used this design in its top of the range S-Class saloon with the latest Range Rovers and Jaguar XJ also currently using the new design.

Unfortunately, if it’s a BMW you are after with the new dash, you will have to wait a couple more years as it’s not expected to reach the market until 2013.

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